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Biotaris B.V. is a Dutch Company and supplier of high-end bovine and goat colostrum products for many years. By developing a special cold-state-manufacturing procedure for processing raw colostrum further in a loss-free and gentle way, our colostrum products exceed the common quality standards. Read More

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Manufacture of Colostrum First of all, the liquid colostrum is degreased and after that directly deep frozen as it comes from the farm. Colostrum contains approx. 10% fat; therefore it would not be very digestible in its unprocessed form. The next step is the decaseination, in which those constituents are extracted from colostrum that are processed to cheese in a dairy factory. Read More


Because colostrum is a natural commodity, comparing two different production batches, marginal fluctuations of the analysis values can occur. Read More


Colostrum is the first milk after giving birth. The newborn gets it as a “catalyst” to activate the body’s defenses. After this, in a process of about 3-5 days, colostrum changes to normal milk. In terms of nutritional physiology this first milk plays a minor part. Thus, human babies rather lose weight in the first days. However, this colostrum from the mammary glands is of utmost importance for the formation of body defenses, a wholesome reaction to environmental conditions, and consequently the further development of the newborn. For a very long time this significance was underestimated. Nowadays, due to the advanced status of the latest analyses, it acquires its true importance. Read More