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Looking for a wholesale supplier of foodsupplements or dairy products? Look no further! Biotaris B.V. is your international wholesale supplier.

About us

The Netherlands is well known as a dairy country. There is a great deal of confidence in dairy products produced in the Netherlands, with good reason. The basis for this is the soil and climate conditions in our country, which are ideal for dairy farming. Our many years of experience in manufacturing have enabled us to develop unique tailor-made products for the Food and Feed sector.

Our products not only meet present-day quality and food safety standards but also the needs of our customers. Biotaris provides you with the service you need and deserve. There are many applications for our colostrum products. Our customers come from different sectors such as Food Supplements, Sports Food, Baby Food, Cosmetics and Pet Food manufacturers.

We are able to assist you in many cases to develop your own product with our Private- & White Label service.


First of all, the liquid colostrum is degreased and after that directly deep frozen as it comes from the farm. Colostrum contains approx. 10% fat; therefore it would not be very digestible in its unprocessed form. The next step is the decaseination, in which those constituents are extracted from colostrum that are processed to cheese in a dairy factory.


Because colostrum is a natural commodity, comparing two different production batches, marginal fluctuations of the analysis values can occur.


Colostrum is the first milk after giving birth. The newborn gets it as a “catalyst” to activate the body’s defenses. After this, in a process of about 3-5 days, colostrum changes to normal milk. In terms of nutritional physiology this first milk plays a minor part. For a very long time this significance was underestimated. Nowadays, due to the advanced status of the latest analyses, it acquires its true importance.

Our products

Bovine colostrum

Bovine colostrum with 20% or 35% lgG

Goat colostrum

Goat colostrum with 25%lgG

Goat WPC 80

Goat WPC 80